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About Us

Veterans In Pain V.I.P. is the first and only 501c3 nonprofit to facilitate Interventional medical solutions for Veterans suffering intractable chronic pain, by connecting volunteer physicians with our country’s Heroes, nationwide. 

As of 2021, Veterans In Pain V.I.P. has facilitated an estimate of over $2,000,000  in value of services for service men and women who had otherwise lost hope.  

V.I.P. facilitates such procedures for qualifying Veterans at a vastly diminished discount, with hard costs remaining such as operating room fees, anesthesiology, product, collection kits, devices, travel & accommodations when necessary.

V.I.P. Research Division is coordinating IRB-Certified Studies with Publications by our Chief Science Officer, Dr Ashim Gupta, a retrospective QOL study, and currently, with the support of Neurologist, Dr Carol Henricks of Healing Arizona Veterans, and Gordon Ens of The Inflammatory Lab, a study on pre and post systemic inflammatory levels in Veterans undergoing hyperbaric therapy. 

Additionally, and a core component to our ongoing support efforts for our program’s Veterans, is our V.I.P. Cell Mates Support Program - an closed-forum thread as well as weekly Cell Mates Zoom meetings offering a unique and community-based support system for V.I.P. Veterans at all stages of treatment and beyond. 

Most important, is our long term legislative initiative - The Veterans In Pain V.I.P. Interventional Therapies for Veterans Act - Government funding of Interventional medical solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain.

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